Cutting-edge Training

Learning, be it academic or professional, becomes a career-building tool when it is combined with intensive training. Certain personal abilities like English communication proficiency, key skills like financial accounting or technical expertise, and professional aspects like official etiquette as well as operational efficiency need to be fined tuned through training in the niche areas. The e-certification courses designed by ACE are practical training modules. Each of the courses is a comprehensive learning program to equip individuals with essential skills so that they can perform effectively in the challenging work environment.


The ACE logo represents the principles and philosophy of ACE as a leading developer and provider of skill assessment programs as well as training courses. San Francisco Golden Gate bridge depicted in the logo is the finest example of engineering excellence. Golden Gate Bridge is a single suspension span braving the windy blows, anchored by 750 feet long twin towers.The suspended bridge is supported by two robust cables of 7,000 feet in length with a stretch of 70,000 miles long wire which is about three times the earth’s diameter... Read More


  • American quality of education
  • Performance-oriented, skill based learning
  • Instructionally effective training modules
  • Interactive and engaging certification courses
  • Research based quality course materials
  • Best learning outcomes and performance goals
  • Top-notch knowledge and technology platform
  • High quality assurance standards
  • 100% right assessment programs for on-spot evaluation
  • Associated with local institutes and organizations


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